Biophilic Wellbeing is an innovation of holistic wellbeing practices, eco psychology and expressive arts. It integrates the needs of the individual and the environment to create harmonious and symbiotic spaces conducive to healthy human growth and development that is ecologically sustainable.

In this two hour workshop we will use body and mind activities that are connected to the natural environment. Drawing from the theory of Biophilia “the passionate love of life and of all that is alive”

The activities are gentle in nature and involve movement, visualisations, breath work, mindfulness and light nature based activities. You will have space to reflect and share with others.

Run By: Jenny Fennessy

Suitable For: Everyone.

Bring Comfortable Clothes, Water Towel /Yoga mat (suitable for sitting in the ground outside) Your own Notebook Pen – ( there will be paper pens available)

Location: Community Centre


Cost €10

Event Timeslots (1)


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