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Inventor, chemistry student, environmentalist

Fionn Ferreira

From the coastlines of Ireland to global stages, Fionn’s mission has been unwavering: combat the microplastic crisis. At just 18, his innovative magnet-based method for extracting microplastics from water earned him the title of Global Grand Prize Winner at the Google Science Fair 2019. This invention, born from his early experiments with LEGOs and microcontrollers, is a testament to his dedication and ingenuity. Through help from Robert Downey Jr‘s Footprint coalition and others, he has scaled this technology into a working prototype with his nonprofit the Green Journey Coalition.

Fionn’s passion extends beyond the lab. He’s a sought-after speaker, having graced platforms like the World Economic Forum and National Geographic Explorer’s Summit. His insights into sustainability and innovation have inspired audiences worldwide, making him a leading voice in environmental advocacy. Therefore he is not only cleaning plastics from the environment but also actively preventing them from entering.

Collaborations with global brands, accolades like the Forbes 30 Under 30, and his ventures, Fionn & Co. LLC and the Green Journey Coalition, underscore his impact in the field. As he continues his research and advocacy, Fionn remains a beacon of hope and inspiration for a cleaner, sustainable future.

Fionn is currently venturing into the world of entertainment with television series. Additionally, he’s penning his first children’s book, aiming to inspire the next generation with tales of innovation and environmental stewardship.

Fionn will deliver the opening keynote talk at Wild Mind 2024

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