Events at Fenit Community Centre

This workshop organised by Transition Kerry will look at how our community can develop solutions to the impacts and challenges posed by climate change. Free event Booking Essential , Contact: Nanette on 087 9356948   Run in association with:

Talk with Irene O’Sullivan the Curlew Action Team Assistant for the Stack’s Mountains Curlew Action Team and Irene be giving a talk on aspects of the work carried out by the Stack’s Mountains Curlew Action Team within the Curlew Conservation Programme (NPWS).

For thousands of years, songbirds were regarded by mankind as messengers from the gods. Today, these creatures have woven inextricably into the fabric of our environment and are vanishing at an alarming rate. Under threat from climate change, pesticides and more, populations of hundreds of species have dipped dramatically. As scientists, activists and bird enthusiasts […]

Natura Urbana – the Brachen of Berlin The vegetation of Berlin is a silent reminder of its turbulent history. Post-war rubble landscapes and the wasteland of the former border between east and west Germany are home to an extraordinary variety of spontaneous vegetation that spread from all over the world. Long seen as blind spot […]

Two of Ireland’s foremost Nature Filmmakers’ will tell their individual stories of living and working as an environmental filmmaker in Ireland. Ken O’Sullivan and Vinny Hyland will share personal insights into the aspects of their work that they are most passionate about, presenting examples of their work.   Ken O’Sullivan Ken O’Sullivan worked as freelance […]

The story of Voyager spaceships is an epic of human achievement, personal drama and almost miraculous success. Launched 16 days apart in Autumn 1977, the twin Voyager space probes have defied all the odds, survived countless near misses and almost 40 years later continue to beam revolutionary information across unimaginable distances. THE FARTHEST celebrates these magnificent […]