Simple Truths

Using storytelling,imagery and interactive dialogue. This talk invites us to recognise that genuine self care is the ultimate act of intelligence and creativity, enabling us to see clearly the important role we play in our own precious health and wellbeing and the wellbeing of our world.

Stones Across Our River, a unique self care course designed to remind us that simple truths are what life is constructed upon and these simple truths always help re-establish us in something that is core to who we are.,

Something unshakeable and unchangeable. Our inherent right to lives of Balance, Understanding, Creativity and Grace.

Brighid Daly

Brighid Daly , An accomplished Psychotherapist and Director of Saor counselling and psychotherapy centre will guide participants through an exploration of their own self care. While keeping in mind the resource that nature is ,and our need to nourish our own nature


Contact Brighid @ 087 9185255